Family and Youth

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Youth and Family Ministry!
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At Faith Lutheran Church we believe that youth and family ministries are vital to the life of the congregation.  We strive to be a place where strong relationships are fostered, a place where you grow close to the community of Christ and grow in relationship with God.  Led by the power of the Holy Spirit, we build strong faith foundations for children and equip them to grow in their faith formation. 

When we talk about family here at the church we don't mean just mom, dad, and the kids.  We push to meaning of family to include our entire church family!  There are events and programs that are more geared towards families with younger children, as well as programs and events that 
are more attractive to people in different stages of life.  It is important to have a variety of programs for different people, but we do have several times a year when we all get together and enjoy being a church family! We hope that you feel welcome here, and can find a place in our growing church family. 
We try to offer programs and events 
for young people and the entire church family several times a month.  Keep an 
eye on the announcement board and calendar for more information! As always, please feel free to call the church office if you have questions.