Have you ever experienced a "faith gone cold"?  Have you ever gone in search of something to reinvigorate your faith?  To what or whom do people turn these days in an effort to discover or rekindle a relationship with God?  This Sunday we begin a new series of sermons on the New Testament book of Hebrews.  What was once an energized, excited, "on fire" Christian church became "bored".  Tempted by certain voices to return to their Hebraic religious traditions which, among other things, glorified angels, church members began searching for religious alternatives.  The writer of Hebrews urges them to faithful to their new Christian beliefs.  Referring to Jesus, the writer says, "He became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs."  Pastor Olson's message will explore the first few verses of this New Testament book, and the importance in our own day and time of keeping one's relationship with Jesus fresh and alive.  Join us for worship at 8:45am (traditional) or 11am (contemporary).   

SUPPORT GROUPS:  Faith Lutheran Church currently offers a support group for cancer survivors, cancer patients, cancer care-givers, and all others interested in being part of a close-knit group focused on encouraging and supporting one another in their experiences with cancer.  The group is called Second Sunday Support" and meets the 2nd Sunday of each month in Pastor Olson's office at 10am.  The group's next meeting will be the second Sunday of August.

Welcome Home!

Many people today are restless, searching for a way to find meaning in a world that often leaves us with more questions than answers.  Saint Augustine once wrote, "Our souls are restless, until they rest in Thee." 

We at Faith Lutheran Church would be honored to journey with you as we learn together what it means to rest in our Creator and follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is not an easy journey, but it is one filled with joy, discovery, and grace beyond measure.

We welcome you to our church, our worship services and our lives.  We hope and pray that you will experience in us the love of God, which is the greatest power in the world, and that you will join us in sharing that love with a world in need.  WELCOME HOME!