Sunday Morning Schedule


INTERESTED IN THE POSSIBILITY OF CHURCH MEMBERSHIP?  A series of three classes will be offered for those interested in exploring what it means to be a church member.  These informal classes are Sundays 9/21, 9/28 and 10/5 at 10am in Pastor Olson's office.  We welcome your questions about being part of Faith Lutheran Church.

SUPPORT GROUPS:  Faith Lutheran Church currently offers a support group for cancer survivors, cancer patients, cancer care-givers, and all others interested in being part of a close-knit group focused on encouraging and supporting one another in their experiences with cancer.  The group is called Second Sunday Support" and meets the 2nd Sunday of each month in Pastor Olson's office at 10am.  The group's next meeting will be the second Sunday of October. 

Do this, do that.  DON'T do this, DON'T do that.  Sometimes we tend to see religion as nothing but a set of freedom-limiting rules.  Certainly, when we read the Ten Commandments we discover that God's expectations of us are indeed demanding.  This Sunday we hear again the story of Moses communicating the commandments to the people.  A bunch of rules?  Maybe.  Perhaps, though, we should learn to see them not so much as authoritative "rules" as a peek into the very heart of God.  In his sermon, Pastor Olson will explore a personal perspective on this great Bible story, gleaned from his own experiences of being a parent.  His sermon is titled "Hot Tub Heart-To-Heart".    

Faith Acts! has announced its choice for next spring's musical:  "Narnia".  Based on C. S. Lewis' writings more than 60 years ago, Narnia is the story about a land of magical creatures, the wonderful lion Aslan, and those who would try to destroy all that is good.  Auditions will take place on Sunday, January 4th, and all are welcome to give it a try.  For non-musical types, there are plenty of roles as stagehands, production assistants, ticket sellers, etc.  Call the church office for more information (360-426-8611) -- or continue to watch this website (please note the "Faith Acts" tab above).

Welcome Home!

Many people today are restless, searching for a way to find meaning in a world that often leaves us with more questions than answers.  Saint Augustine once wrote, "Our souls are restless, until they rest in Thee." 

We at Faith Lutheran Church would be honored to journey with you as we learn together what it means to rest in our Creator and follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is not an easy journey, but it is one filled with joy, discovery, and grace beyond measure.

We welcome you to our church, our worship services and our lives.  We hope and pray that you will experience in us the love of God, which is the greatest power in the world, and that you will join us in sharing that love with a world in need.  WELCOME HOME!